What is EMS?

EMS, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, uses electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves and engage muscle fibers. The device mimics the brain: in order to activate a muscle, the brain sends ‘shocks’ to the neurons in the muscle group. These currents cause the muscles to expand and contract, just like they might during usual exercise.

The ‘workout’ tightens, tones and strengthens your muscles while increasing production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the main chemical energy source for cellular and muscular functions ­– essential for skin renewal, repair and firmness. Over time, consistent use of EMS can provide a more lean, contoured shape and reduced appearance of cellulite.

As added benefits, EMS boosts blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and cellular metabolism and aids fat loss as a result. Though EMS is commonly used on larger body parts, such as your thighs and abdomen, you can also use it on the face. When applied to facial muscles, EMS lifts, firms and contours muscles, which are attached to your skin. This provides a visible lift, reduces sagging and enhances elasticity.

Thanks to its ability to activate muscles, EMS has been long used in physical therapy to help people recover from surgery, pain and rehabilitate injuries. In recent years, EMS devices crossed over into the realm of beauty and now EMS devices such as our LED Light Anti-Wrinkle Wand With 4 Light Modes offer an anti-aging routine that you can do at home. 

Microcurrent versus EMS

Although they’re both types of electrotherapy, EMS and microcurrent differ. EMS provides deeper muscle stimulation than microcurrent technology, making it a preferred choice for contouring and slimming larger body parts such as your thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms and chest. Microcurrent and EMS are both effective on the face.  EMS  therapy can be used  in conjunction with microcurrent, HIFU or RF. Our  LED Light Anti-Wrinkle Wand With 4 Light Modes has functions for EMS, RF, and LED and can be used to tone parts of your body as well as your face.