Holiday Gift Guide

Beauty Tools make an exciting holiday gift. Here are our suggestions for gifting season. 

For Mom - Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller

Mom is sure to love our most popular beauty tool, the Genuine Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller. With the added benefit of sonic vibrations this tool packs a punch providing anti-aging benefits while also giving a relaxing facial massage. 


For Your Sister or Best Friend - Rose Quartz Stone Eye Mask

The Genuine Rose Quartz Stone Eye Mask is the perfect treat for your sister or best friend. Half luxury,  half practical this eye mask is great for treating tired eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles while looking like a queen.


For the CEO and Bosslady - Rose Quartz Vibrating Y Roller

This woman has it all and is hard to shop for. No worries we've got this covered. The Rose Quartz Vibrating Y roller is perfect. A unique gift that does overtime work! The two heads give twice the vibrating massage power and release release stress from the face that can build up from those tense business meetings. She can own the room with grace. 


For the Germaphobe - Vibrating Silicone Facial Brush

We all know a germaphobe and in this environment who can blame them? They will be happy to revolutionize their cleansing routine with our silicone facial brush - a new hypoallergenic way to cleanse that is much safer than bristle brushes which can cause microtears in the skin. The Silicone does not harbor bacteria and the gentle vibrations ensure a deep clean for beautiful glowing skin.

For the Zen One - Rose Quartz GuaSha

She meditates, does yoga, and keeps the calm. She will definitely love the Rose Quartz GuaSha which increases circulation and releases toxins. Since this tool is completely Rose Quartz with no other material she will definitely appreciate the love energy of this tool.  


For Yourself - Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Serum

What is better than glowing skin? Treat yourself to this plant based serum infused with Vitamins C, E and Organic Aloe. This serum is designed to hydrate and soothe your skin while providing anti-aging benefits. 


Happy Gifting!